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How to Access Internet in the hotel several ways

With the worldwide popularity of Internet and application requirements of the hotel industry on the Internet is also increasing. More and more customers, especially business customers would like to live in a hotel during the period can be used to provide Internet access to the Internet query, and send and receive e-Mail and other services. Vast majority of business travelers from developed countries also want the hotel with its own in Internet speed or the speed used by the same company. But because Internet infrastructure in China and export bandwidth is behind the developed countries made a number of guests on the hotel's Internet service not satisfied, the hotel has often received some complaints from customers. How to meet the needs of the guests on the Internet, the problem has been placed in front of various hotels, restaurants, services on the Internet more and more attention to the problems posed. This has a direct impact on the hotel's service quality. The following is how I access Internet on the hotel some understanding.

1, using dial-up mode:

Many hotels in Beijing have signed an agreement with Cable & Wireless, Cable and Wireless appointed two companies - Fei Hua and Intel to provide DDN line and connected to a network server, use the extension to the hotel room dial-up. As the dial-up and format conversion (from analog to digital), allowing access only to a maximum speed of 33.6K. Guests visit the Internet and send and receive e-Mail is not very satisfactory results.

2, using DSL by:

This is a common use of telephone copper wire, while the Internet while the user can call. Speed up to about 8M, and the connection is more simple to use set-top box connected to a USB can be imported. More representative of the United States now broadband service provider STSN Hotel and Hong Kong Adsale BroadNet been set up jointly by STSN-Adsale Asia company, with several large hotel management group (such as Starwood, Mandarin Oriental, etc.) contract to carry out Internet broadband access services.

3, using the wireless Internet by:

Wireless Internet access is through wireless LAN technology, wireless communication access, no connection between the computer can send and receive data and resource sharing of data. Applicable to the hotel lobby, business center, meeting rooms, banquet hall and restaurant and other public places can also be a small number of VIP suites and presidential suites installed to enhance the standing and usage of these rooms. Installation of wireless LAN in public areas, the correct measurement of the location of installation of communications antenna is a very major part of the network coverage of the landing of larger radius of 100 meters, penetration is also very strong. Specific installation should be careful to find professional companies measured. Clients need to use the wireless LAN adapter. Compared with ordinary local area network wireless LAN, higher costs, but the ease of use.

4, the integrated wiring:

Integrated wiring is in some or all guest rooms and the use of Internet, local telephone lines, cable television, data transmission network of comprehensive consideration, integrated wiring. The main channel can be cloth cable, hotel located on each floor or every several layers of a cabinet, using HUB or SWITCH and five cable connected to cable or over five. Cable and then connect to the server using the DDN or optical cable to connect directly with the ISP, so that transmission rates can reach several megabytes or even faster. Able to do so, you can use optical cables instead of five or over five cables, better results.

Several connection speed above the speed will depend on the size of ISP's international exports. Selection of ISP is a very major part. Because most ISP's international exports are very small, and even there only a few megabytes. Although some larger, but also affects users of multi-speed.

In addition, the Ministry is studying the use of radio and television cable video cable for broadband Internet access, but there are still some technical issues remain unresolved, has not launched. Once launched, its speed can reach more than 1 trillion. This is one of the most inexpensive solution. In some more developed countries, the telecommunications industry, has achieved this online form.

CCTV use of its advantages are also active in cable television this business, has signed agreements with several hotels. But long-term perspective, the development of space far less well integrated wiring solution. Yet another solution is to use set-top box, with television and telephone lines connected to the Internet to achieve the goal, but the effect and functions as the Internet using the computer better. With the Internet's rapid development and complex construction, Internet will change everyone's life and work. Microsoft is studying the next generation of Windows Net operating system, this will give PC no longer need to install the software, any software needed can be obtained from the Internet. On the computer room, the change could be bigger. In the foreseeable future, computer rooms may disappear, to be replaced by a remote data center, all hotel-related data systems and related interfaces are stored in a data center. Data center may store a few or even hundreds of hotel data, and then through the fiber optic cable to provide network services to various hotels. To the computer room when the hotel is likely the staff will be laid off. I think this is not alarmist talk, that day may not be too far away. Now there are a number of foreign companies, in such systems. Once developed, the hotel will greatly reduce the computer systems management and communications costs in the management of computer systems will simplify the engine room personnel required is significantly lower. Installation and maintenance of all important will be completed in a remote data center. Internet has brought us challenges, should also bring more opportunities, we should better grasp opportunities, meet challenges.

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Scarce in China International Economic and accounting personnel proficient in

After the economic reforms started about 15 years, China's accounting staff for the planned economy are still using the design of book-keeping system, which apart from western accounting. As a result, the Chinese economy with its modern adaptation of qualifications and knowledge of severe shortage of accountants.

Hong Kong, the world's Big Four accounting firm Deloitte & Touche partner 鏂拏鑺嘲鍕?said: "We (in China) is the lack of experienced older accountants? Yes. We are one of the biggest challenges is getting the appropriate experience and oversight of accountants. "

Market demand for accounting services is rapidly expanding. Staff lack not only the big four firms and their smaller local competitors headaches, also may slow or even undermine China's integration into the global capital market system process.

Representatives of China's integration into the global system, are those listed outside the mainland state-owned giant original. Trying to emulate their company growing. However, some companies struggle to secure the services of the big four accounting firms face obstacles, they need to make the accounts comply with accounting standards abroad. A Hong Kong investment banker said, "I think 'Big Four' is under tremendous work pressure. I have seen examples of this: The customer may have to delay a transaction because their auditors can not provide the appropriate resources in a short time. "

China's integration into the global market, the other side, that is, the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange, foreign investment, as also by China, the impact of the accounting staff skills.

Secretary-General of China Association of Certified Public Accountants, said: "Over the past 10 years, we have been changes in the accounting point of view." China's seventh largest local accounting firms duty senior partner of Chen Yonghong International believes that, in essence, not a lack of manpower , but the lack of outstanding international talents. He said, "We have many applicants, but only a few are sufficiently professional.


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CMM assessment in China Suggestions

From the U.S. software industry can be seen, the software industry has structured production (1975 -1 995), the process-centered mode of production (1985 -2 005) and industrial production (1995 - present), etc. 3 stages.
China's software organizations in the software process of the present situation can be summarized as the following three aspects: First, China is produced by the structured approach to process-centered mode of production and industrial production forward. At present, many enterprises (whether state or private companies) recognized that in accordance with the CMM software process improvement, implementation of scientific and systematic management, to improve the organization's software capability maturity, it shows that with a strong driving force to improve the self. Second, the current along the way there are still some difficulties, as some organizations want to improve the ability of ISO9000 and CMM maturity, but they are not familiar with the concept of CMM, CMM and ISO9000 do not know exactly what difference between. Most software organizations in the software engineering theory and practice are rather weak, although the establishment of a software process, but the process stage is not obvious, software production disorder, on schedule, budget, forecast and control the quality of no force, often in the face of question to give up the original plan, attention to programming and testing, ignore the requirement analysis and architecture design. Senior management of the software management not enough attention, not equipped with adequate resources or qualified personnel to undertake the process of improvement. Third, the lack of documented process description, in particular the lack of working documents (such as process change requests report), workload statistics documents (such as time and workload of the tables, weeks status reports) and risk management documents (such as the risk estimates report, risk evaluation report). Lack of process and product measurement, software process, very little historical data, it is difficult to workload based on historical data and reasonable estimate of progress. Various software organizations should be based on the current state of knowledge, according to CMM standards to identify gaps. Where the gap is not mature enough, nor is the software process management should be strengthened to improve the place.
Software process improvement is a component of the work contains a lot of management technology, which includes the following three key steps: comparing the current state and expected to achieve the status, identify gaps; to determine which of the gap to change, to change to what degree; develop specific implementation plans accordingly, including the "specific" means: to have a clear, verifiable goals; to set testing standards for success; have specific means of implementation; specific implementation plan of the person designated and clearly the specific responsibilities and tasks; to clear the main leaders of the implementation plan or coordinator to be responsible for implementation of the plan to solve the problems; to list "implementation plan" by the application of new technologies and new tools and how to obtain these new technologies and new tools.
China's software industry in the ascendant, the implementation of CMM in the starting line to change the culture of China's software engineering to improve the quality of software personnel, not only of great significance to our economy, but also to improve the quality of software enterprises, and enhance the international competitiveness of software enterprises the necessary precondition but also for the software to create the conditions for export. CMM is a better software to improve the framework, but CMM is given only to do, and did not give what to do. Therefore necessary to seriously study how to follow the CMM model to the specific operation problems.
To better understand the CMM, to improve software organization's process management skills, successfully passed the CMM assessment, based on our assessment of CMM research and practice, given the following recommendations: senior management should focus more attention on process improvement, full-time set up process improvement teams. This is because the ideas and process improvement is the change in the way work is changing the corporate culture, which involves most of the enterprise staff. On the other hand due to the process of industrial production for the center is the software one of the three pillars, only attach great importance to strengthen the research, study and practice, to really make software production to industrialization direction.
In software process improvement should be equipped with the necessary resources, to establish a sizable improvement team, the investment should be to achieve sufficient strength. Within the organization, we must first set up the software engineering process group (called SEPG), responsible for software process improvement task, and selection of qualified personnel as full-time SEPG team leader. According to foreign experience, most organizations need to account for the software development resources 5% to 10%, according to the world, the assessment of nearly 1,800 organizations proved to evaluate the effectiveness of CMM is the input of 4 times to 8 times.
The appropriate organizational structure, research in software engineering and software process improvement method is responsible for the development and implementation of process improvement plans, they are assessing the activities of the enterprise specific organizer. In the implementation of the plan process, pay attention to check its compliance, eg the event 鍋忕 should look for causes and take corrective action, they conduct your business Dingqi process diagnostics 鍐呴儴 appraisers and business process improvements to monitor the activities were.
To strengthen the training and conduct of the Capability Maturity Assessment have both high quality Director, appraisers, must be quite the process evaluation team, there must be a huge process improvement teams. To recognize that only qualified personnel to implement a good process maturity in order to produce a good product, should be generally carried out based on CMM and software engineering training to the personnel of each post with the process of improving the awareness and control are necessary process improvement knowledge and skills.
The data are the basis for process improvement, should pay attention to process and product measurement process. The project throughout the development process, especially in the landmark office, to the implementation of the data collection process, recording activities in the state, not only for the current project's measurement and analysis of data, but also as the historical data retained for reference for future projects. These data include: software size, effort, cost and schedule estimates and the actual data, product quality measurement data, demand change and risk analysis data.
Should pay attention to software configuration management and configuration management tools. The main purpose of configuration management in the project throughout the software life cycle software projects to establish and maintain the integrity of the product, the system control to change the configuration items and software engineering asset management organizations. Configuration management of the content of numerous complex rights management, development or procurement of a suitable configuration management tool is essential.
CMM assessment in our development, we must pay attention to intellectual import, hire foreign teachers to China, director of assessment for process evaluation, but also strive to cultivate our own appraisers competent director. This is because China is not only a potential IT power, but also because of CMM implementation and is closely related to a country's culture. In addition, to improve the software process itself is a process that requires long-term access to a qualified director help appraisers. Authorities should support all walks of life and support the director of training our own appraiser, the appraiser training director as new ideas and new knowledge, new products. To fully understand the long-term process improvements and arduous. Upgrade process maturity is a process in itself, but also a life cycle. Therefore, the process improvement work with all the process must have inherent characteristics, not quick success.
In the CMM assessment, it is necessary to promote the Capability Maturity Model CMM and PSP Personal Software Process and Team Software Process ISP organically integrated, and close attention to new trends in process improvement. Throughout the software industry authorities should support and coordination, the overall strength of the community and increase the software process improvement research, evaluation and implementation of efforts to push forward China's software industry. First of all in-house team of process improvement to establish a large, active research, practice and promote process improvement. CMM Director of appraisers carefully established team, carefully set up the doors of the course team of qualified teachers. But also through the mechanism of market competition, process improvement support and the establishment of advisory bodies and intermediaries.


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CLP Guangtong proceedings to recover 200 million loan of China Cable

CLP Guangtong before the Beijing High Court sued cable TV network in China to pay a total of more than 200 million yuan, Ltd. arrears payment and penalty. The court has accepted the case on October 16, hearing date has been set.

The case stems from December 2003 19 Japan-China Electric Cable China Guang Tong signed a supply contract. The national radio and television line, and upgrading pilot project system equipment supply contract total purchase price of 309.64 million yuan, according to their contract, contact the Council under the project delivery time and volume of the number or the contract agreed to change the delivery date and batch number shipment contract equipment; China Cable are paid in three phases. The first phase should be in the equipment within 90 days after delivery to pay 85% of total contract amount equipment; the second phase should be completed joint testing equipment in the system within 10 working days after the payment of 10% of total contract amount equipment; The third period should be in the equipment within one year after delivery to pay 5% of total contract amount equipment.

CLP widely known, as of October 16 this year, the company under a supply contract requirements and verification has been sent by the China Cable goods worth 260.8 million yuan. Wired money to pay 78 million yuan in China, the outstanding loan 182.8 million yuan, according to the two sides agreed in the contract the purchase method of calculating liquidated damages penalty counted 50.5 million yuan.

Therefore, the CLP Guangtong the defendant to pay a total of 230 million yuan of defaulted loans and liquidated damages. CLP Guangtong said the trial the proceedings, the final decision or the result of the company's current profit after the effects of uncertainty.

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QTP descriptive language experience

Just find the ways personal script of one of the greatest benefit of object database management Zaiyu save costs, but Qi Shi object of this 姒傚康 did not give up Zhishitongguo the description of our script custom objects, the when, how a more accurate description of the object , so the script runs better position to, is the crux of ways.

To click on the search button, for example, the following statement:

Browser ("title :=.*"). Page (" url :=.*"). WebButton ("html id: = DoSearch"). Click

As currently only open a ie, it can use the ".*" wildcard to define the page, if more than one page, you need to specify both the browser and the page. Note that a particular object attribute is diverse, when using a property still can not uniquely identify the object can use multiple attributes to define an object, written as follows: the object type name ("attribute name 1: = Property value 2 "," attribute name a property value 2 "), or multiple attributes with the" "partition.

We may get used to QTP Object Spy comes with an object to obtain the properties, but here I would like to recommend you combine ie developer toolbar in the find function to obtain a more accurate element attributes (It should be grateful about disabilities loyal friendship to remind students and help), because QTP identify objects on the object itself will also carry out a package, there may not be accurate, I define a page's WebRadioGroup qtp when two objects encountered encapsulated as an object, when using qtp identify The results of definition, the script can not find the object at run time, the reality was made for the two objects, the objects in a unique attribute added to the definition can be correctly identified, in addition, due to the properties of the object is diverse, Therefore, we need to choose more effective only attribute to identify, as much as possible similar to html id attribute to define such a unique (this time you can find the help ie developer toolbar's functions to determine), there is a special case needs attention is that sometimes we find objects such as html id attribute value is displayed as empty, this time to determine if the object type in this page is the only agreed to the assignment is empty can be expressed, such as "html id : = ", of course, in that way is not recommended.


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Photoshop Material Series: The Fog

In fact, I think that using 3D software to build the water texture more than Photoshop to be true, but here I want to introduce is a very cool technique to create mist material, I hope you will help.

1, create a new document, a width of 300pixels, height 200pixels, black background
2, where I first use the shape tool to create a water area, click the "U" key, draw a rectangle selection.

3, select the menu Edit> Transform> Perspective, according to the figure deformation.

4, fun part begins, create a new layer, this layer will use the brush to add a mist effect. Click the "B" key to select the brush tool, called the Splatter brush to find, select 59pixels, as shown in the rectangular edge of the smear.

5, and then add some blur effects, select the menu Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur, set to 8, this will give you the edge with a brush painting a very good harmony together with the rectangle.
6, and then create a new layer, using the same steps above, just brush a brighter color of the color of choice, I use color to # 0099ff, select the light blue for the foreground and then increase the brush effect, then the the transparency of this layer down to 25, well, as shown results.

7, at board level, click Properties to open mixed layer mixing panel, select the Drop Shadow use the default value plus the shadow effect, select Bevel Emboss and then according to the figure set.

8, spray material to complete! How, you make compared to the results and plan how? Of course, you also can add layers, add different colors to give a better depth of water mist.

Look at the pair plan to add such a spray material is not cool, there is a Hawaii-like tropical feel? Oh, next time!

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Dealer how to effectively Distribution Issues?

Distribution in place can be said to fast moving consumer goods distributors every day to do a "routine operation." For dealers and manufacturers, a product from a commodity to the money order to this breathtaking jump, it must be through the channel Distribution Issues for implementation. So, dealers should do what you can do it cost effectively and Distribution Issues?

Distribution Issues a reasonable road map plan. Dealer Distribution Issues before the Planning Distribution Issues reason why a reasonable road map, aimed at nothing more than the following: 1 to Distribution Issues more economical. With Distribution Issues circuit diagram, you can make routing more reasonable, more scientific, more time and cost savings of Distribution Issues, which aim to lower the cost of Distribution Issues. Here you can apply two principles: first, the linear principle. That can be arranged in a line on, do not separate, fork Distribution Issues. This benefit is often a straight line ground floor and can go on step by step manner Distribution Issues. Second, the principle point. That can not be distributed in a line, on a certain area according to the amount of sales outlets, in line with the principle of nearby, similar to the network will gather or "circle" together for Distribution Issues. Such a point as the center of a circle to fit the radius of the Distribution Issues distance mode, can often save time and costs, which at every step, every step forward. 2, distribution will not "slip through the net." Design and planning of the Distribution Issues After the road map to all the sales outlets are able to fill up. In this case, distribution is not only clear, not easy to have missed the network, to avoid duplication or secondary road, "rework" phenomenon. Distribution Issues with reasonable road map, dealers can sell the whole planning region, which is not out of the house can still strategizing, distribution miles.

Do preparatory work before the Distribution Issues. Forewarned is forearmed, while not pre-waste. To ensure orderly distributors are the distribution and effective, it must be before the Distribution Issues, make full preparations. It includes the following aspects: 1, vehicle. Move troops and horses, car inspection first. Are the distribution of vehicles can be said that the first event, the distributor Distribution Issues before, we must make the vehicle inspection and maintenance of nuclear work, should the office of road maintenance fees, management fees and routine maintenance, maintenance of good in peacetime . If the process in Distribution Issues, vehicles checked, detained or damaged, "cramming", will be time-consuming, laborious and costly, and may thereby adversely affecting the Distribution Issues or sell aircraft. 2, distribution tool. Distribution Issues tool is handy to use when Distribution Issues to things like, "Distribution Issues Daily Report," "promotional items to fulfill the table", "customer order" and Distribution Issues associated with the bills, forms and so on. These things ready before the time in the Distribution Issues leisurely, methodical, bringing the day's Distribution Issues in a planned, systematic, and efficient. 3, promotional items. Distribution Issues that must help to bring promotional items or gifts. For example, distribution of promotional gifts with the product when the product promised to deliver prizes to downstream distributors. Distribution Issues for only well prepared in advance in order to go confidently Distribution Issues staff distribution in place and can lead to better performance and market performance.

Are the distribution standardization. Once out of work truck shop, often they are not in the dealer's attention, but must be controllable range. Therefore, the distributor to reach "people thousands of miles away, discernment everywhere" in effect, to Distribution Issues must be standardized, and standardization. It includes the following: 1, on the marketing staff to regulate the content of market Distribution Issues operations: for example: normal replenishment: point of sale orders to add, the main selling product recommendations; display improvements: wholesale and retail store shelf display boxes and stack adjustments; New Distribution Issues: New Products Recommendation; Promotion Executive: promotional policies advised; Customer Complaint: immediate disposal, handling objections on wholesale and retail shops; information gathering: the price of competing products corresponding to products, promotions and other information; form filling: fill in the form of work and promotion on the form. And, to quantify the content must be quantified and detailed, so inspectors. 2, distribution of the visit when the eight steps: first, into the store to prepare before: finishing garment appearance; check the shop posters, posters for shop updates, post; Second, a good opening into the shop; find the appropriate place and time conversations with customers; three rows side shelf inventory check: shelf stock inventory; warehouse stock inventory; Duitou or special display area inspection. 4, Tally: to display their products with more sales opportunities in the location: Check customer inventory, use the FIFO principle for inventory adjustments; record the number of spot goods, goods age; not on goods inventory order, packing. 5, sales replenishment: According to the inventory orders to customers with professional recommendations. 6, Promotional Items Distribution Issues: The company of this promotion, strategic product promotion (second taste, new), determine the order today; 7, objection handling: on the spot goods to the owner and providing warnings to customers within its area of disagreement then give customers a clear answer. 8, the Chief Operation: POP display, banner hanging; understanding of competitive products and promotional information records. Out the last farewell. Visited eight steps is to check whether the dealer's sales staff trained and Distribution Issues skills performance at the baseline, eight steps to visit the better marketers, often Distribution Issues effect is better. 3, to determine are the distribution cycle. Distribution Issues To continue to get good results, must be regular, regular, ongoing distribution in place must not be in fits, starts. For example, ABC classification of the downstream customers, according to key customers, key customers, the general classification of the customer to determine are the distribution cycle, for example, core customers, or tour a week to once Distribution Issues, focusing on customers first ten days or so Distribution Issues general customers around half of the first such Distribution Issues. Are the distribution standardization, process, standardization, Distribution Issues will work rules to follow, the "law" to follow, so as to achieve maximum effect Distribution Issues.

Attention to detail are the distribution. Details determine success or failure. In the Distribution Issues process, the details are equally important. Dealers in the Distribution Issues process, Distribution Issues requiring attention included the following details: 1, distribution of the wording. Note that if the standard procedure when Distribution Issues. Some marketers in the Distribution Issues often Taidalielie mouth is not sweet, are not good at calling people, and sometimes also greatly affected are the distribution of quality. 2, forgot to bring related items. Such as promotions, rebates promised to downstream customers, such as discounts or prizes. Distribution Issues when so flawed, often lead to resentment downstream distributors, and even there the phenomenon of customers and hence the discharge, so be sure to check out the door to see whether the band along all the items. If unexpectedly, a sincere apology to the clients to obtain the understanding and understanding. 3, marketers sloppy. The author visited the market, we often find that some marketers in the Distribution Issues often unkempt, dirty exception, met with the client side, even by her first name, or that one to the client store, sat down on stools, or free "collecting" customer melon seeds, sugar and other small food to eat, so that our customers though his mouth does not say, but the heart is extremely offensive and affect the good image of the dealer. 4, distribution is not timely, no rules. That is, paved the substandard, the next time often do not know of these years, almost no rules at all, until once again Distribution Issues, they find the last Distribution Issues already sold out a long time. This Distribution Issues manner, it is often difficult to lower customer confidence, so that customers can not easily purchase, it is difficult to establish a true partnership.

In short, dealers Distribution Issues is no small matter. As a distributor, to be truly effective distribution in place must be fully prepared to continue to regulate are the distribution process and content, attention to detail are the distribution day, dealers only from a grand vision and small start, distribution can be targeted to address a more, to really shop the low-cost products, to maximize the harvest of profits, continue to make their own growing ability Distribution Issues.

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