Tuesday, October 5, 2010

QTP descriptive language experience

Just find the ways personal script of one of the greatest benefit of object database management Zaiyu save costs, but Qi Shi object of this 姒傚康 did not give up Zhishitongguo the description of our script custom objects, the when, how a more accurate description of the object , so the script runs better position to, is the crux of ways.

To click on the search button, for example, the following statement:

Browser ("title :=.*"). Page (" url :=.*"). WebButton ("html id: = DoSearch"). Click

As currently only open a ie, it can use the ".*" wildcard to define the page, if more than one page, you need to specify both the browser and the page. Note that a particular object attribute is diverse, when using a property still can not uniquely identify the object can use multiple attributes to define an object, written as follows: the object type name ("attribute name 1: = Property value 2 "," attribute name a property value 2 "), or multiple attributes with the" "partition.

We may get used to QTP Object Spy comes with an object to obtain the properties, but here I would like to recommend you combine ie developer toolbar in the find function to obtain a more accurate element attributes (It should be grateful about disabilities loyal friendship to remind students and help), because QTP identify objects on the object itself will also carry out a package, there may not be accurate, I define a page's WebRadioGroup qtp when two objects encountered encapsulated as an object, when using qtp identify The results of definition, the script can not find the object at run time, the reality was made for the two objects, the objects in a unique attribute added to the definition can be correctly identified, in addition, due to the properties of the object is diverse, Therefore, we need to choose more effective only attribute to identify, as much as possible similar to html id attribute to define such a unique (this time you can find the help ie developer toolbar's functions to determine), there is a special case needs attention is that sometimes we find objects such as html id attribute value is displayed as empty, this time to determine if the object type in this page is the only agreed to the assignment is empty can be expressed, such as "html id : = ", of course, in that way is not recommended.


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